The International Space Station EVA 23 Mishap Investigation Board Report.  BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  • Roughly 44

The International Space Station EVA 23 Mishap Investigation Board Report.

• Roughly 44 minutes into EVA 23, Luca Parmitano (EV2) reported water inside his helmet, on the back of
his head. The EVA ground team and EVA crew members were unable to identify the source of the
water. As EV2 continued to work, the amount of water in his helmet increased and eventually migrated
from the back of his head onto his face. EVA 23 was terminated early and the crew safely ingressed the
airlock. After the airlock was re-pressurized, the crew member’s helmet was removed. The water
quantity introduced into the helmet was estimated at about 1.5 liters.
• After the EVA was completed, it was learned that during his return to the airlock, Luca experienced
intermittent loss of communication, his vision was impaired by water covering his eyes, and water had
entered his nose making breathing more difficult.

The link is to the full 222 page report. Many sections were redacted for ITAR compliance.

Here are the slides shown during the press conference:

Drowning in space - both claustrophobic and agoraphobic. A bad way to go.