It pays to keep in mind how you will be billed.

It pays to keep in mind how you will be billed.

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Work colleague Gareth Jones tried to automate himself out of a job using Google #BigQuery. It almost worked.

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(Did you plan to post this in Postmortems @Peter_Scully ? It was held in moderation - I’ve released it.)

Yes; and my previous post (20w ago) was also held for moderation. Google doesn’t love me anymore :`(

That’s not good. There is a recipe for restoring your reputation, but it rather assumes you’ve wrecked it yourself by frequent unwise posting - that’s not always the case!

@EdS It looks like my post from a few minutes ago may be held in moderation. IIRC you’re now able to whitelist posters from the mod queue; it may be necessary to do that.

Released… it had landed in the spam bin. We’ll never know why. I don’t know of any way to whitelist a poster. There is a new mechanism called “limited members” which uses a different queue, but you’re a full member.