1973: Skylab is damaged on launch,

1973: Skylab is damaged on launch, repaired by spacemen with a space umbrella and a long stick. (To repair a broken space station, as yet unmanned, you first need to figure out what’s wrong with it.)
Eleven Days in May
“It became clear that unless the first crew could rig a heat shield to replace the missing one, the entire $2.2 billion Skylab mission would end before it began. Secondary to that would be solving the problem of the partially deployed solar array, so that Skylab would have enough power to run all its scheduled scientific programs.”

A commenter notes that the first manned space station mission ended in tragedy - the crew asphyxiated during re-entry:

Another commenter links to this NASA video:

“The First 40 Days of Skylab - 1973 NASA Space Documentary”