With Google+ disappearing, is anyone starting a similar community or blog anywhere else?

With @Google disappearing, is anyone starting a similar community or blog anywhere else?

You might find the right answer in the Google+ Mass Migration community.

It’s a good question… unfortunately I’m not aware of another place anything like this. There is the venerable RISKS Digest, of course, and also the curated list of everything here:

It’s not quite a list of post mortems but the All Things Nuclear blog often covers accidents, near-misses, and risks:

SRE Weekly often links to postmortems, though it’s broadcast-only, no discussion possible.

There’s a fair chance someone will put up a site based on a backup of this community - that’'s easy to do if you have $20 to buy a Google+ Exporter license, which gives you a ready made upload to wordpress or blogger.

It would be an easy next step, I think, to make further posts or to appoint multiple contributing editors.

I made a backup and would be willing to continue the community elsewhere.

Would be nice to find a way to connect and merge with another community-of-practice for long term resilience…

gonna miss this site. Hope you can migrate it somewhere else. (maybe Reddit?)

Please let us know, @Paul_Lindner , if and when you’ve put up a new version.

It seems the Google+ Exporter has been updated again, with bug fixes, so a new backup will (again) be better than previous ones. It’s worth noting that any restore of the backed up data will also need to have a restore of all downloaded images, as Google will delete all G±only images and previews at shutdown.

I don’t think that you can import old posts into Reddit. Looks like there are some options brewing over at


I don’t see Discourse listed yet (which would be a 1st choice).

I know only of easy imports to blogger and wordpress, using the Google+ Exporter tool. Either would serve as a static archive and a signpost to somewhere else. Or, just possibly, wordpress with comments enabled and multiple contributing editors would serve, and the static archive could perhaps be a live community.

Discourse is high on my list too. But probably as a fresh start, with a possible signpost to a static archive on wordpress.

Has anyone looked at setting up the Discourse (or other, e.g. Diaspora pod) replacement? This seems like the sort of thing that we’d want to do now-ish, even without importing, so that it’s findable after dark…

(This is something I need to look into for personal stuff anyways, so this is in the vein of deconflicting in case someone’s already made progress.)

I’ve half-set-up a discourse instance and found it a little tricky. That’s for retrocomputing, not for postmortems.

I’m using a hashtag on diaspora to continue my posts. Quite a few other people are doing that on diaspora with the retrocomputing hashtag, no-one is yet doing it with a postmortems hashtag.

The very simplest things to set up to allow people to stay in touch:

It’s simple to set up a wordpress blog but not so simple to make a multi-contributor community of it.

Here’s a tool which imports G+ Exporter output into a discourse instance:


Hmm, leveraging OAuth to maintain ownership of posts in a migrated Discourse instance is pretty neat: https://musings.danlj.org/2019/03/02/accidental-digital-archivist.html

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