“Over the course of a week this guy,

“Over the course of a week this guy, the rack and stack provider and eventually the data centre staff all tried to work out why we couldn’t get a signal from any of the servers on the KVM,” Tom recalls. “Eventually management gave up and asked me to go to site and see what was going on.”

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I am reminded of the time I called up my IT department because my X Terminal seemed to be dead. It turned out I’d set the brightness to minimum at the close of play the previous day, for reasons which escape me. I did realise my mistake and confess, so no-one had to leave their desk to help me.

I had something similar last year, (now replaced) personal server went wonky, couldn’t do any useful debugging remotely, so I flew down to it, plugged in a screen, and pressed F1 to continue.

@EdS ​ I did that once with a VT420 that was a library catalog search terminal. I never figured out why patrons would mess with the brightness and contrast controls on them.