Originally shared by James Salsman Anil Dash :

Originally shared by James Salsman

@Anil_Dash : “Google’s decision to kill Google Reader was a turning point in enabling media to be manipulated by misinformation campaigns. The difference between individuals choosing the feeds they read & companies doing it for you affects all other forms of media.”

Second tweet is probably the crucial one: “The point is not that huge numbers of people used Google Reader. It’s that lots of people who make media did. Instead, they look at a feed generated by an opaque, unaccountable algorithm whose board member thinks nothing of destroying media companies & funding misinformation.”

@EdS I roll d20 to cast resurrection.

At best, won’t you get an undead reader?

@EdS I’m afraid to look at the quality of the alternatives these days. I did about 4-5 years ago and was totally underwhelmed. Here goes! … https://www.newsblur.com/ hey not bad.

I’m using inoreader, but oldreader is good too.