O'Reilly have a free webcast on "The Human Side of Postmortems" next week.

O’Reilly have a free webcast on “The Human Side of Postmortems” next week. There’s also a free ebook.

“people dealing with outages are clearly subject to physical exhaustion, psychological stress, not to mention impaired reasoning due to a host of cognitive biases. … it’s hard to find many postmortem write-ups that even hint at these “human factors.” Their absence is, in part, due to the social stigma associated with publicly acknowledging their contribution to outages.”

At the risk of going off on a human factors tangent, here’s a longish article on the human factors lessons learned in flying being applied to medicine.

Very good, thanks. Worth posting on its own merits in fact. On related lines, of self-awareness and invited feedback for professionals, see

By a surgeon, and subtitled “Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you?”