Here's a postmortem of a game development that was "nearly ready (with the devs

Here’s a postmortem of a game development that was “nearly ready (with the devs in crunch mode) for over a year. “During the development of StarCraft, a two and a half year slog with over a year of crunch time prior to launch, the game was as buggy as a termite nest. StarCraft crashed frequently enough that play-testing was difficult right up until release, and the game continued to require ongoing patching efforts post-launch.”
@Steve_S gives ten reasons:

  1. Junior programmers given no guidance.

  2. Project leads had no proven experience writing this sort of app from scratch.

  3. Development was full-out sprint without code reviews, unit tests or training.

  4. Used new language nobody on team had experience in, and without discipline.

  5. Changed their mind in the middle of development, radically changing features and appearance.

  6. Rewrote core components instead of upgrading them.

  7. Wildly underestimated completion date: remained at T minus 2 months for 14 months.

  8. Heavy, punishing work hours that left programmers exhausted.

  9. Used container class with logic externalized to callers.

  10. Serialization an afterthought; lots of absolute pointers instead of indexes.

I would love to be able to say that these terrible mistakes are rare in the industry or unique to gaming. I would love to, really…

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