As much as I hate to say this,

As much as I hate to say this, a Desktop DRM solution might have protected the distribution of at least some of the employee and sales data in this leak.

desktop DRM solution installed exactly where?

//Just trying to understand

I’m looking for more info on this, the fact that Sony hasn’t gone public with this strikes me as odd. All the info Ars has is from the hacker group which doesn’t help as far as postmortems go. Sony should have an incident report to follow.

Hi @Roman_Grazhdan ​​, although I absolutely despise the fact that this solution exists. There are solutions such as SoftCamp DRM that adds a layer of key based encryption to specified document types, so that when a document is created, saved or modified, the document is encrypted and secured for those users with the DRM installed. This means that every document essentially calls home (DRM System) to see if the user is authorized. It’s just another layer of security. RSA has a similar solution that can also be applied to controlled documents as well. The caveat is that you have to decrypt the doc before sending it to a third party which is a negative when this applies to every document you create, requiring you to decrypt it (Having that permission) before you send it.

This even sounds uncomfortable, I bet people would work around that.